Do It Yourself Legal Documents

Recently, I loaned someone a small amount of cash. I didn’t even think to hesitate about loaning them money because we’d known each other for years.

Once I handed over the cash, I started to think about creating a promissory note. Although this person was dependable and I knew they would pay me back, it’s still a good idea to have one.

Then I started to wonder if it was a good idea to look into obtaining a lawyer whenever I needed any sort of legal document created.

After much thought, I concluded that the answer was no. With access to the internet, there are tons of do-it-yourself legal forms and documents to choose from.

There are even some very good software programs that will help you with wills, promissory notes, and other legal forms.

One of the easiest programs that I came across was MyAttorney Home and Business.

This inexpensive software program will specifically guide you through the process of completing your legal document.

The simple interface consists of you answering yes or no to a series of questions. First, you are asked to enter basic information about yourself, such as your name and address.

This software package has over 1,000 legal documents for you to choose from.

MyAttorney also has an extensive video library just in case you want to research some legal information.

Once you have picked the legal form that you want to set up, you can enter the requested information along with the application wizard that is guiding you.

After all, changes have been made to the document, you can either save it, print it, or export it to a PDF format.

At the end of the entire process, there is a checklist of things for you to do in order to make the document fully legal.

Of course, there will be occasions that you must receive a lawyer’s help, but not for everything.

For the simple things, consider purchasing the MyAttorney Home and Business software package. It is not difficult to use at all.

The step by step process to fill out the required information is absolutely painless. I consider this item to be one of the best investments that I have made in a long time.

The next time that I loan someone money or need to create a legal document, I will take full advantage of the benefits of MyAttorney Home and Business.…

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How to Get Approved for a Loan

In order to get approved for any type of bank loan, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

Each bank has different lending criteria, but basically, the principles remain the same.

To increase your chances of receiving the loan you want, I recommend that you include the following information in your loan application:

Explain in a short paragraph why you need the loan. Make sure you check the bank’s terms to see if they even loan out money to individuals for the purpose you request.

Otherwise, you will be wasting not only your time but the banks as well.

Also, you should include the sum you wish to receive, and state the repayment terms. For example, do you want a 1yr, 5yr, or 10yr loan?

Next, you should state how you intend to repay the loan. Home equity line, collateral in stocks, or other means. Include a worst-case scenario. Think about if you were to lose your job, how would you pay then?

The next thing that you need to address is your business plan. This can be summed up in as short as one sentence.

Also, a few years of financial statements for projected future income should be added.

If your company is just starting you might want to consider having a detailed business plan, as this will most likely be the deciding factor on whether or not you receive the loan.

I recommend that you call the bank and get to know the loan officer on a first name basis. This will make it easier for you to get a loan when it comes time.

That way when you present your case, the officer will be more than willing to go to his superiors and help you submit your claim on your behalf.

If the loan is relatively small, he/she may have the authority to rubber-stamp the loan application on spot and approve it for you.

Another option if your credit is not up to par, you can always get a cosigner. These days it is hard to find one, but not impossible.

Start with your immediate family, and then expand outwards to close relatives and friends. Just as you would submit your case to a bank officer, sell your dream to them.

It might even be possible for you to sell a piece of your company in exchange for the money you need. It all boils down to how badly you need the funds.…

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